Preventative Maintenance

  • Low cost and simple to use
  • Allows good quality audio communication between external call panel and internal handset
  • Call panel can be flush or surface mounted & can be connected to an electric lock to allow callers to enter building

Advantages of a Video System

for use in small and medium business premises, office blocks:

  • Excellent audio communication but with the added benefit of video – you can see who is calling and if you choose to, you can talk to them
  • Black & white as well as colour monitor options
  • Discrete video camera built into call panel that is available in vandal resistant finish & lock release options

Advantages of a digital system

  • Multi user system for apartments and large office blocks
  • Available in audio, video or mixed audio and video options
  • Multiple entrance call panel support
  • Integrated digital code keypad options for keyless entry
  • Flexible system design
  • Seamless integration with access control system for use with existing door locks, pedestrian gates electric gates etc.

PC Based Video Intercoms

Keyholders are the people you nominate to be informed if your alarm is activated and you are not available. It is a good idea to nominate a few keyholders to ensure one of them can respond if needed. Keyholders should live no more than 30 minutes from your home or business premises and be contactable by phone. You will obviously need to provide them with keys and details of alarm codes etc.

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